Top Tools to Improve Your Grammar Skills

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Understanding Grammar

Understanding the grammar of a foreign language can be difficult. Whether you're learning the new language to write or speak, you will need a lot of practice and guidance to understand its grammar.

You cannot skip this part. Avoiding grammar would be like building a home with wood, but without the glue, screws, and nails. Without grammar, your English speaking and writing will fall to pieces.

The 6 Best Tools to Improve Your Grammar

Thankfully, there are tools and methods to help you learn English grammar faster and more effectively.

(1) Preply

Learning a new language on your own can be challenging. Thankfully, you can now learn English grammar on line with the help of professionals and tutors. Preply is an educational platform that pairs learners with private tutors. As the instruction is delivered remotely, students and tutors can work from any location without the need to attend classes in person.

From basic English grammar to the most complicated conversational lessons, you can learn whatever you need with the help of an experienced tutor. On this website, you can choose between thousands of tutors from 185 countries, many of whom have English as their native language and are trained to provide you with the guidance you need.

There are currently over 49,000 online tutors available on this website, and, as a result of such a vast choice, you can even pick the price you find most suitable.

(2) Grammarly

Grammarly is an app that checks your grammar and word choice thoroughly. It will also explain your mistakes, which is why it is a useful learning tool. With Grammarly, there is no human transferring knowledge onto you. Nevertheless, it is a useful tool for boosting your grammar skills. If you struggle with the fundamentals of English grammar or want to detect errors in your writing, then Grammarly is an excellent tool.

The primary function of Grammarly is to proofread your writing, but Grammarly users quickly adopt the program's advice and suggestions, which is how grammar is improved. It is a rather unconventional way of learning grammar, but it is highly practical because the lessons are absorbed in bite-sized learning points every time you write something. Unlike rudimentary word processors like Word, Grammarly has a strong focus on word choice and sentence structure, and its observations are often insightful. It is available both in a free and paid versions.

(3) The British Council

The British Council has dedicated many pages to helping people learn English more effectively, and it particularly useful for those learning from a low level. If you're wondering how to learn English grammar easily, you should definitely consider this website. It is not a traditional lesson-based website. However, it has a wealth of useful resources that combine the following:
  • Short grammar lessons
  • Games for practice
  • Confirmatory exercises
On the site, you can choose between different levels ranging from beginner to advanced. It is all free.

(4) Lousy Writer

Don't worry about the name! "Lousy Writer" helps you to become the opposite – a good writer. It teaches people how to communicate more effectively by breaking down sentences into their component parts and offering actionable tips. The most popular feature of Lousy Writer is its "cheat sheets," which help users to understand the trickiest concepts such as subject-verb agreement, homonyms, and possessive nouns.

(5) Hemingway

If you've used Grammarly before, this tool will seem quite familiar. It operates in the same way with the same purpose, but it has a different design, making it more intuitive to use than many of its competitors.

As well as finding spelling and grammar errors in your writing, Hemingway also highlights over-complex sentences and offers suggestions for improvement and simplification. If you're trying to use sentence structures that are above your current level of grammar, Hemingway will tell you and help you to master them.

(6) Grammar Monster

Our site, Grammar Monster, is currently one of the best rated websites among students for learning grammar and punctuation, but it is aimed at advanced students or native speakers, which makes it unsuitable for absolute beginners. For this reason, we advocate using tools such as tutors, software programs, and websites like the British Council until you're ready for our lessons and our YouTube channel.


In this list, we've introduced the finest tools to help you build your English grammar and writing skills. You can go a long way with the assistance of tutors, educational websites, and editing tools. However, remember this: The most important factor in mastering English grammar will be your dedication.

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