Adverbs (Interactive Test)

A Test on Adverbs

Test your understanding of the term "adverb" with this interactive test. This test is linked to the lesson on adverbs.

Remember that adverbs are words that tell us how, when, where, how often, or how much. An adverb can modify a verb (e.g., sings beautifully), an adjective (e.g., extremely clever), or another adverb (e.g., very closely).

This test starts by testing just classic "-ly" adverbs (e.g., happily, quickly, silently), but from Level 8, it includes adverbial phrases (e.g., The boy ran like the wind) and adverbial clauses (e.g., The boy ran like his life depended on it).

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Click on the adverbs:

NB: This test does not expect you to select conjunctive adverbs (e.g., however, also, furthermore).
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