"Smashing Grammar"

"Smashing Grammar" (2019)

by Craig Shrives (founder of Grammar Monster)

Written by the founder of Grammar Monster, "Smashing Grammar" is divided into three sections:

(1) A-Z of Punctuation.
(2) A-Z of Grammar Essentials.
(3) A-Z of Easily Confused Words.

Each entry in the first two sections starts with a short, simple explanation and some basic examples. These are followed by real-life, entertaining examples, which have been painstakingly hunted down for their ability to explain the point and to engage the reader.

Once a topic has been introduced, there follows a straight-to-the-point explanation that highlights why it is relevant to a writer. (In other words, it's not just grammar for the sake of learning grammar. Every entry explains why the grammar point matters to you.)

Finally, each entry concludes with top-level bullet points summarizing the key issues and advice.

As well as an alphabetical index, "Smashing Grammar" features a handy "functional" index, which ranks common writing mistakes by their ability to damage your credibility. The alphabetical index can be used to track down a grammar term, while the functional one can be used to prioritize reading.

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"Few people understand Grammar like Craig Shrives. Best of all, no one explains it so well and so easily." - Chief Executive of Crimestoppers and former Director of the Intelligence Corps, Mark Hallas OBE

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