Go for Broke (Origin)

by Craig Shrives

What Is the Origin of the Saying "Go for Broke"?

The term "go for broke" means to gamble everything you have.
Go for Broke (Origin)
The term "go for broke" originates from gambling and means to place all of your money on a bet in an all-or-nothing gamble. It has been in common usage since the 1940s. (The word "broke" is a synonym for "bankrupt.")

The saying was popularized by the 1951 film "Go for Broke!", which is a black-and-white war film that dramatizes the real-life story of a combat team from the US 442nd Infantry Regiment. Of interest, the 442nd Infantry Regiment was composed of Nisei, second-generation Americans born of Japanese parents. (NB: "Go for broke" is the 442nd's motto.)

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