Visiting the Movies

Important Vocabulary

Here are 10 important terms when visiting the movies in English:





I would like ...

Can I buy tickets to ...





Conversation 1

In this conversation, Benjamin is purchasing tickets to watch a movie.

Hi! Can I buy two tickets to watch the 5.30pm showing of Harry Potter please?

Sure. Any seats in particular?

I'd like the back row in the middle.

I'm sorry. The back row is full. I can give you a few rows down on row M, seats 13 and 14.

That's fine. How much is that?

That will be 18 pounds please.

Here's 20 pounds.

Here's your 2 pounds change and your two tickets. Your film is in screen 5.

Where can I buy drinks and popcorn?

You have to go to the concessions counter across the lobby.


Conversation 2

In this conversation, Tracie is buying snacks at the movies.

Hello, how much is a medium popcorn?

It's 5 pounds. For an extra 50p, you can buy the largest size.

I'll take a large salty popcorn please.

Would you like anything to drink?

A large Pepsi please.

Is that diet or regular?

Diet please. How much is that?

That's 10 pounds 20 pence in total please.

I only have 10 pounds cash with me. Is it possible to pay by card?

Sure. Here's the machine for you.


Conversation 3

In this conversation, Mark and Cara plan to visit the movies.

It's raining. Shall we go to the movies this afternoon?

That sounds like a great idea. What should we watch?

There's that new film starring Benedict Cumberbatch.

I didn't hear very good reviews for that one.

Oh. How about the new animated one?

The screen will be full of noisy children. Do you like action movies?

Yeah. Let's watch that one.

Excellent. I'll book the tickets online and you buy the popcorn.


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