Ordering a Taxi

Important Vocabulary

Here are 10 important terms when ordering a taxi in English:




May I book a taxi?

I'm at ...

I'm going to ...

Could you take me to ...?

How much will that cost?

Can I pay by card?

Keep the change.

Conversation 1

In this conversation, Lavender is making her way home.

Hello. May I book a taxi to pick me up from the central station?

Sure. What time? Where are you going?

As soon as possible please. I'm going to 17 Cherry Tree Lane.

It's on its way.

Thank you. Can I pay by card?

It's cash only. Sorry.

Okay, thank you.

Conversation 2

In this conversation, Georgia is taking a taxi.

Hi! Taxi for Georgia?

Yes, that's me! Can you take me to the library please?

Sure. Traffic is bad, but luckily we charge by the mile, not the journey time.

That's good to know. Could you take me to the old town hall on the way? I'm going to pick a friend up from there.

Yes, I can do that for you.

Thank you.

Here we are. Your total fare comes to 13 pounds.

Here's 13 pounds. Keep the change. Have a nice day.

Thank you! You too!

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