Making an Emergency Call

Important Vocabulary

Here are 10 important terms when making an emergency call in English:





fire engine







Conversation 1

In this conversation, Rebecca calls an operator after witnessing an accident.

Emergency operator. State your emergency.

We need an ambulance right away.

What is your name?

Rebecca Green.

Okay, Rebecca. I need you to stay calm. What has happened?

There's been a car accident. I saw it happen.

Are you hurt?

No, I'm fine. I saw the accident.

Where are you?

I'm close to Knutsford service station. I don't know my exact location. Can you trace it?

Yes. The paramedics will be there very soon.

Conversation 2

In this conversation, Daniel calls for the fire brigade.

Emergency operator. Please state your emergency.

I need the fire brigade. My neighbour's house is on fire.

What is the address?

It's 19 Cherry Tree Lane, London.

A fire crew are on their way. Is everyone out of the house?

Yes. We are safe. There's lots of smoke. Please hurry!

The fire crew will be there soon. Please move away from the flames and the smoke.

Okay. Thank you.

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