Going to the Supermarket

Important Vocabulary

Here are 10 important terms when going to the supermarket in English:





carrier bag

cash register


Where is ...?

Where are ...?

Can I pay by ...?

Conversation 1

In this conversation, Daniel is paying for his items at the cash register.

Good morning.

Good morning. Did you find everything you were looking for today?

Yes, I did. I have my own carrier bag.

Excellent. That will be 18 pounds 50 pence please.

Can I pay by card?

Of course. Just tap your card on this machine.

That's all gone through for you.

Thanks! Have a nice day.

You too!

Conversation 2

In this conversation, June wants to find some items in the shop.

Excuse me. Where is the bread?

It's in aisle 7 next to the cakes.

Thanks. Where are the tubs of ice cream?

They're in aisle 5. It's the same aisle as the frozen vegetables.

Thank you for your help.

No problem. Have a nice day.

Conversation 3

In this conversation, Jack is asking for some fresh ingredients.

Hello, I'm looking for some fresh dill.

It might be out of stock. If we have some, it will be with the rest of the fresh produce.

I already looked there. You mustn't have any left. I couldn't find the fresh basil either.

It should be near the fresh salad bags. I restocked that section earlier.

It seems they're out of stock again.

Sorry about that.

Not to worry. Where can I buy a carrier bag?

You can ask a cashier at the cash register or one of the attendants at the self-service checkouts.


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