Giving Details on a Phone

Important Vocabulary

Here are 10 important terms when giving details on a phone in English:





telephone number


marital status

date of birth

email address

reference number

May I speak to ...?

Conversation 1

In this conversation, Arthur is giving some personal details on the phone.

Hello. This is JobSearch. Is this Arthur?

Hello. Yes, it is Arthur speaking.

Hi, I'm calling about your recent application. Can I take some more details from you?

Sure. What do you need?

What's your surname please?

It's Knight. That's K-N-I-G-H-T.

Thank you. I also need your home address and your email address.

I live at 17 Cherry Tree Lane and my email address is

Thank you. I also need your post code.

It's SW1A 1AA. That's Sierra, Whiskey, 1, Alpha, 1, Alpha, Alpha.

Wonderful. I'll be in touch soon with a date for an interview.

Thank you. Speak to you soon.

Conversation 2

In this conversation, Thomas is trying to pay his electricity bill.

Hello. Is this London Electricity Company?

Yes, how can I help you?

I would like to pay my bill please.

Sure. Do you have a reference number?

No, sorry.

That's okay. Can you confirm your name and date of birth?

Sure. My name is Thomas Swift and my date of birth is 13th December 1989.

Is your address 17 Cherry Tree Lane?

That's the one. Can I pay the full amount today please?

The full amount is 746 pounds and 67 pence.

That seems a little high. Are you sure that's correct?

Yes, I'm sure. You can pay in 2 instalments.

No, I'll pay the full amount today.

I've just authorised the transaction. It will leave your account in 5 working days.

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