Asking for Directions

Important Vocabulary

Here are 10 important terms when asking for directions in English:

turn left

turn right

on the left

on the right

go to the end of

go straight on

go as far as

go until you reach

take the first turning

take the second exit

Conversation 1

In this conversation, Janet wants to know how to get to the library.

Excuse me.

Can I help you?

Can you tell me how to get to the library please?

Yes. Go to the end of the road, then turn right.


Walk for about 100 metres until you reach the statue, then turn left.

The library is the white building on the right.

Thank you.

Conversation 2

In this conversation, Sarah wants to know how to get to the museum.

Can you help me please? I am lost.

Where do you want to go?

I am trying to get to the Natural History Museum.

Stay on this road until you reach the roundabout.

Take the third exit to turn right.

Stay on this road for one mile until you reach another roundabout.

Take the first exit to turn left.


Stay on this road for about half a mile. The museum is on the right.

Thank you. That was very helpful.

You are welcome.

Conversation 3

In this conversation, John wants to know how to get to the petrol station.

Hello. Can you tell me where the nearest petrol station is please?

Sure. Take the first road on the right, and then the second one on the left called Oliver Road.

Stay on Oliver Road until you reach the mini-roundabout, then take the first exit to turn left onto Main Street.

Stay on Main Street until you reach the Shell garage on the right.

Is it far?

It is about 3 miles.

Great. Thank you.

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