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The grammar book you need depends on whether you're a self-help learner or a tutor. It also depends on your and your students' current level. Here are our recommendations for the various geographies and standards:
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Recommended Grammar Books for the US

"A Student's Guide to Grammar, Punctuation, and Style"

recommended book Grammar, Punctuation, and Style

Intended Readership

  • Learners from 12th grade upwards, including business writers and college students


This book covers the grammatical concepts required by high-school and college students. Focused on the logic behind the English language rather than a list of rules, it explains grammar in more depth than its competitors. It features lots of real-life examples from previous academic papers to ensure its readers absorb the lessons in a realistic context. It also includes a confirmatory exercise with each section.

"The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation"

recommended book Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation

Intended Readership

  • Learners from 9th grade upwards, including business writers and college students


This is a well-formatted book covering English grammar, punctuation, and usage. The explanations are concise, clear, and supported by lots of examples. The book also includes end-of-topic confirmatory quizzes to aid learning. This book is not a glossary of grammatical terms but a collection of well-explained rules to help writers correct errors and improve writing. It is an Amazon best seller.

"Basic English Grammar For Dummies"

recommended book Basic English Grammar for Dummies

Intended Readership

  • Learners from 12th grade upwards, including business writers and college students


"Basic English Grammar For Dummies" explains the main grammatical terms before tackling common writing errors and presenting tips of improving writing. This comprehensive book assumes no previous knowledge of grammar, offering concise explanations that are well supported by examples. The book includes an indexed table of contents, making it useful as a long-term reference book for writers.

Recommended Grammar Books for the UK

"Oxford Modern English Grammar"

recommended book Oxford Modern English Grammar

Intended Readership

  • Undergraduate and postgraduate students
  • People with an interest in the English language


Written by Bas Arts (a leading UK grammarian), "Oxford Modern English Grammar" is Oxford's definitive guide to English grammar. It covers British and American English. The book coverage ranges from the basic to the most complex aspects of grammar.

"KS3 Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar"

recommended book KS3 Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

Intended Readership

  • Tutors or parents of children in Years 7, 8 and 9 at UK schools
  • Suitable as a self-help book for motivated students


Written by Collins (publisher of the highly notable Collins dictionary), "KS3 Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar" is an all-in-one book for English language study of spelling, punctuation and grammar at the Key Stage 3 level. The book is accurately described as "two books in one" as it includes a full revision guide and workbooks. It an Amazon best seller.

"Smashing Grammar"

recommended book Smashing-Grammar

Intended Readership

  • Teachers of English and business writers


Written by the founder of the, "Smashing Grammar" is divided into three sections:
  • A-Z of Punctuation.
  • A-Z of Grammar Essentials.
  • A-Z of Easily Confused Words.
This is a grammar book for those who want to improve their understanding of grammatical terms. Useful for English tutors and business writers, it explains each grammatical term in a stepped manner before concluding with why the grammatical term matters to a writer.

Recommended Grammar Books for Australia

"Complete English Grammar Rules"

recommended book Complete English Grammar Rules

Intended Readership

  • Tutors or parents of children at senior-secondary school
  • Motivated students aged 14+, undergraduate students, and business writers


Written by leading grammar experts at, this book is a comprehensive guide that covers grammatical terminology and common grammar mistakes. The lessons are well supported by real-world examples and conclude with confirmatory quizzes.

"Understanding and Teaching Primary Grammar"

recommended book Understanding and Teaching Primary Grammar

Intended Readership

  • Tutors of primary-school children, including homeschooling


Designed for tutors, this book contains practical ideas to enliven teaching grammar in the primary-school classroom. The book features many short example texts, which are used to introduce and consolidate the teaching points, which cover spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

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"The Infographic Guide to Grammar"

recommended book The Infographic Guide to Grammar

Intended Readership

  • English language tutors, including homeschooling
  • Motivated senior-secondary-school students but also adults seeking to kickstart their writing skills


This book covers the grammar basics, punctuation usage, and the most common writing mistakes. It is particularly appropriate for visual learners as the key learning points are captured with clever infographics.
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