List of Compound Nouns

by Craig Shrives
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Compound Nouns (Sortable List)

Here is a list of 350 common compound nouns. The list is sortable, editable, and printable. It can be displayed as normal text or in columns (up to 4).

Just for fun, we've added game of hangman, which selects a compound from this list as the secret word.

Sortable, Editable, and Printable List

afterbirth, aftermath, aide-de-camp, aircraft, airfield, airline, airmail, airport, armchair, armpit, backache, background, backlash, backlog, back-pedaling/back-pedalling, backside, bandwagon, bankbook, banknote, barman, baseball, basketball, bathroom, battlefield, battleship, bedroom, bedspread, bedtime, billboard, birthday, blackbird, blackboard, blacklist, blood-test, bomb squad, booklet, bookshelf, bookworm, boyfriend, brainstorm, breakfast, briefcase, bulldog, bullfight, butterfly, by-product, bystander, carjacking, carpet, case study, catfish, chairman, cheapskate, check-in, checkup, chopstick, classmate, clockwork, clotheshorse, clothesline, coat-of-male, comeback, commander-in-chief, copycat, copyright, cornerstone, countdown, countryside, courthouse, courtyard, cowboy, crackdown, crossroad, cupboard, cutback, daredevil, daybreak, daydream, daytime, deadline, deadlock, death rate, deathtrap, dishwasher, dishwater, do-gooder, doorbell, doorstop, doorway, downfall, downpour, dragonfly, drawback, dressmaker, driveway, driving licence, drugstore, drumstick, dry-cleaning, eardrum, earphone, earring, earthworm, earwig, egghead, evergreen, eyeball, eyeglasses, eyelid, eyewitness, farmhouse, fatherhood, father-in-law, feedback, fingernail, fingerprint, firearm, firefly, firewood, fireworks, fishbowl, flash flood, floodlight, football, footnote, footprint, forecast, foretaste, forget-me-not, freeway, friendship, fruitcake, full moon, gatecrasher, gentleman, ghostwriter, go-between, godfather, goldfish, good-for-nothing, grand jury, grandfather, grandmother, grasshopper, greenhouse, guidebook, guideline, gunfire, gunpowder, haircut, hairdresser, half sister, hallway, handbag, handcuff, handmade, handshake, handwriting, hanger-on, headache, headlight, headquarters, heartbeat, high school, highway, homework, honeymoon, horsefly, horsepower, hot dog, houseboat, housework, ice cream, input, jellyfish, jigsaw, keyboard, kneecap, knight-errant, knight-templar, ladybug, landlady, leadership, leftovers, letterhead, lifespan, lighthouse, lipstick, living room, looker-on, lookout, loophole, lord-justice, lord-lieutenant, lovebird, mailbox, manhunt, man-of-war, mastermind, merry-go-round, middleman, moonlight, motorcycle, neighborhood/neighbourhood, network, newsletter, newspaper, nightclub, nightmare, no-brainer, notebook, onlooker, onset, outlook, output, overcoat, overdose, overseas, overthrow, overtime, painkiller, pancake, paperback, partnership, passer-by, passport, password, peanut butter, penknife, photocopy, pick-me-up, pickpocket, pigtail, plea-bargain, pocketknife, policeman, popcorn, post office, postman, printer cartridge, public speaking, quicksand, racehorse, railway, rainbow, raincoat, raindrops, rainfall, rattlesnake, real estate, redhead, ringworm, roadrunner, runway, saltwater, sandbags, sandcastle, saucepan, sawdust, screenplay, screwdriver, seafood, seashell, seashore, seaweed, self-defense/self-defence, shellfish, shock wave, shoplifter, shorthand, shotgun, sickbed, sideburns, sidekick, sidewalk, silkworm, skateboard, skullcap, skyscraper, slaughterhouse, sleepwalking, snowball, snowboard, snowfall, softball, software, songbird, soundtrack, spaceship, sportsman, spotlight, stalemate, starlight, stepchild, stopwatch, strawberry, stretcher-bearer, strongbox, suitcase, summertime, sunlight, sunshine, sunspot, sweet tooth, sweetheart, swimming pool, swordfish, tablespoon, take-off, teacup, teapot, teardrop, teaspoon, thunderstorm, timetable, toadstool, toolbox, toothpick, train-spotting, tugboat, tug-of-war, upturn, wardrobe, washing machine, watchdog, water tank, waterproof, weekend, wheelchair, windpipe, wiretap

Infographic for Compound Nouns

Don't forget that a compound noun is a noun made from at least two words.
list of compound nouns
Learn more about compound nouns.

Learn with Hangman!

Hangman is a classic word game. In this version, the hidden word is always a compound noun from this list. (Choose your first letter to start.)

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