List of Adverbs

300 Common Adverbs

Here is a list of 300 common adverbs. The list is sortable, editable, and printable. It can be displayed as normal text or in columns (up to 4).

Just for fun, we've added game of hangman, which selects an adverb from this list as the secret word.

Table of Contents

  • A Reminder about Adverbs
  • Sortable, Editable, and Printable List
  • Learn with Hangman!

A Reminder about Adverbs

Adverbs generally describe how actions are performed by modifying verbs, but they can also modify adjectives and other adverbs. Adverbs express a wide range of meanings, including manner (how), time (when), place (where), frequency (how often), and degree (how much).
list of adverbs
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Sortable, Editable, and Printable List

abnormally, accidentally, acidly, actually, adventurously, afterwards, almost, always, angrily, annually, anxiously, arrogantly, awkwardly, badly, bashfully, beautifully, bitterly, bleakly, blindly, blissfully, boastfully, boldly, bravely, briefly, brightly, briskly, broadly, busily, calmly, carefully, carelessly, cautiously, certainly, cheerfully, clearly, cleverly, closely, coaxingly, commonly, continually, coolly, correctly, courageously, crossly, cruelly, curiously, daily, daintily, dearly, deceivingly, deeply, defiantly, deliberately, delightfully, diligently, dimly, doubtfully, dreamily, easily, elegantly, energetically, enormously, enthusiastically, equally, especially, evenly, eventually, exactly, excitedly, extremely, fairly, faithfully, famously, fatally, ferociously, fervently, fiercely, fondly, foolishly, fortunately, frankly, frantically, freely, frenetically, frightfully, fully, furiously, generally, generously, gently, gladly, gleefully, gracefully, gratefully, greatly, greedily, happily, hastily, healthily, here, heavily, helpfully, helplessly, highly, honestly, hopelessly, hungrily, immediately, innocently, inquisitively, instantly, intensely, intently, interestingly, inwardly, irritably, jaggedly, jealously, jovially, joyfully, joyously, jubilantly, judgementally, justly, keenly, kiddingly, kindheartedly, kindly, knavishly, knowingly, knowledgeably, lazily, less, lightly, likely, limply, lively, loftily, longingly, loosely, loudly, lovingly, loyally, madly, majestically, meaningfully, mechanically, merrily, miserably, mockingly, monthly, mortally, mostly, mysteriously, naturally, nearly, neatly, needily, nervously, never, nicely, noisily, now, nowhere, obediently, obnoxiously, oddly, offensively, officially, often, only, openly, optimistically, overconfidently, owlishly, painfully, partially, patiently, perfectly, physically, playfully, politely, poorly, positively, potentially, powerfully, promptly, properly, punctually, quaintly, quarrelsomely, queasily, queerly, questionably, questioningly, quicker, quickly, quietly, quirkily, quizzically, rapidly, rarely, readily, really, reassuringly, recklessly, regularly, reluctantly, repeatedly, reproachfully, restfully, righteously, rightfully, rigidly, roughly, rudely, sadly, safely, scarcely, scarily, searchingly, sedately, seemingly, seldom, selfishly, separately, seriously, shakily, sharply, sheepishly, shrilly, shyly, silently, sleepily, slowly, smoothly, softly, solemnly, solidly, sometimes, soon, speedily, stealthily, sternly, strictly, successfully, suddenly, surprisingly, suspiciously, sweetly, swiftly, sympathetically, tenderly, tensely, terribly, thankfully, there, thoroughly, thoughtfully, tightly, tomorrow, too, tremendously, triumphantly, truly, truthfully, ultimately, unabashedly, unaccountably, unbearably, unethically, unexpectedly, unfortunately, unimpressively, unnaturally, unnecessarily, upliftingly, upwardly, urgently, usefully, uselessly, usually, utterly, vacantly, vaguely, vainly, valiantly, vastly, verbally, very, viciously, victoriously, violently, vivaciously, voluntarily, warmly, weakly, wearily, wetly, wholly, wildly, willfully/wilfully, wisely, woefully, wonderfully, worriedly, wrongly, yawningly, yearly, yearningly, yesterday, yieldingly, youthfully, zealously, zestfully, zestily

Learn with Hangman!

Hangman is a classic word game. In this version, the hidden word is always an adverb from this list. (Choose your first letter to start.)
  • Guess the hidden word by choosing one letter at a time.
  • If you guess a letter in the hidden word, then all is good.
  • If you guess a letter that is not in the hidden word, then the hangman starts to build the gallows.
  • If the gallows are completed, you lose.
  • Good luck!

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