Adjectives to Describe People

2000 Adjectives to Describe People

Here is a list of 2,000 adjectives to describe people.

People come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities. Some of us are kind, some of us are mean, some of us are quiet, and some of us are outgoing. We are all uniquely defined by a range of traits and characteristics. Here is a list of adjectives that will help you describe a person in detail, with the right connotations and nuances.

The list is sortable, editable, and printable. It can be displayed as normal text or in columns (up to 4). You can even turn the list into American English or British English.

Just for fun, we've added game of hangman, which selects an adjective from this list as the secret word.

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list of adjectives to describe people

Sortable, Editable, and Printable List

abandoned, able, able-bodied, abnormal, abrasive, abrupt, absent, absent-minded, absorbed, abstracted, absurd, abusive, accepting, accessible, acclaimed, accommodating, accompanying, accountable, accurate, accused, acknowledged, acrid, acrobatic, active, adamant, adaptable, adaptive, addicted, adequate, admirable, admired, adopted, adoptive, adorable, adored, adoring, adroit, adult, adventurous, affable, affectionate, afraid, ageless, aggravated, aggressive, agitated, agreeable, airsick, alarmed, alert, alien, alive, all-around, alleged, alone, aloof, amazed, amazing, ambitious, ambulatory, amiable, amicable, amused, amusing, anaemic, ancient, angelic, angered, angry, animated, annoyed, annoying, anonymous, another, antagonistic, antisocial, anxious, apathetic, apologetic, appalling, appealing, appreciative, apprehensive, approachable, appropriate, approving, ardent, argumentative, aristocratic, arresting, arrogant, artistic, artless, ashamed, aspiring, assertive, assured, assuring, astonished, astounded, astute, athletic, atrocious, attentive, attractive, atypical, auspicious, authentic, authoritarian, authoritative, available, average, avid, avoidable, awake, aware, away, awesome, awful, awkward, babbling, baby, bad, bad-tempered, baffled, bald, balding, banned, barbaric, barbarous, barefooted, barren, bashful, batty, bawling, beaming, beautiful, bedazzled, befuddled, believable, bellicose, belligerent, bent, berserk, best, cagey, calm, calming, candid, cantankerous, capable, captivating, carefree, careful, careless, caring, carsick, casual, caustic, cautious, cavalier, celebrated, certified, challenged, charismatic, charitable, charmed, charming, chatty, chauvinistic, cheap, cheerful, cheering, cheerless, cheery, chic, chicken, chief, childish, childlike, chilly, chivalrous, chubby, chuckling, chunky, civil, civilian, civilized, classic, classical, classifiable, classified, classy, clean, cleared, clear-headed, clever, close, close-minded, clownish, clueless, clumsy, cocky, coherent, cold, cold-hearted, colorful/colourful, colorless/colourless, combative, comely, comfortable, committed, common, communist, compassionate, competent, competitive, complacent, compliant, compulsive, conceited, concerned, condemned, condescending, confident, confused, congenial, conscientious, conscious, consenting, conservative, considerate, consoling, content, contented, controlling, controversial, convinced, convincing, cool, coolest, cool-headed, cooperative, corny, corpulent, corrupt, coughing, courageous, courteous, cowardly, crabby, crafty, cramped, cranky, crazy, creative, credible, creepy, crestfallen, criminal, crippled, cross, crotchety, crude, cruel, crushed, crusty, crying, culpable, cultured, curable, curious, cursed, cute, cynical, dandy, dangerous, dapper, daring, dark, dashing, daughterly, dazed, dazzling, dead, deaf, dear, debonair, deceitful, deceiving, decent, deceptive, decisive, decrepit, dedicated, defeated, defenseless/defenceless, defensible, defensive, defiant, deformed, dehydrated, dejected, delicate, delighted, delightful, delinquent, delirious, demanding, demented, demonstrative, demure, dependable, depressed, deranged, deserted, designer, desirable, desperate, despicable, despondent, destructive, determined, devastated, devious, devoted, devout, different, difficult, dignified, diligent, dim, dingy, diplomatic, direct, dirty, disabled, disadvantaged, disagreeable, disappointed, disciplined, disconnected, discouraged, discourteous, discriminatory, diseased, disgraceful, disgruntled, disgusted, disgusting, dishonest, dishonorable/dishonourable, disingenuous, disinterested, dislikeable, disliked, disloyal, dismissive, disobedient, disorganized, displeased, disreputable, disrespectful, disruptive, dissatisfied, distant, distasteful, distinguished, distracted, distraught, distressed, distrustful, disturbed, diverse, dizzy, domestic, dominant, domineering, dope, doting, dowdy, down, downhearted, drab, drained, dramatic, dreamy, driven, drowsy, drunk, dubious, dull, dutiful, dwarfish, dynamic, dysfunctional, eager, earnest, earthy, easy, easy-going, ebullient, eccentric, ecstatic, edgy, educated, effective, effervescent, efficacious, efficient, effortless, egocentric, ego-maniacal, egotistical, egregious, elderly, elegant, eligible, elite, eloquent, elusive, emaciated, embarrassed, embarrassing, embattled, embittered, emblematic, emboldened, eminent, emotional, emotionless, empty, enamored/enamoured, enchanting, encouraged, encouraging, endearing, energetic, engaging, enigmatic, enjoyable, enlightened, enormous, enraged, enterprising, entertaining, enthralling, enthused, enthusiastic, enticing, entrancing, entrepreneurial, envious, equable, equanimous, erratic, erroneous, eruptive, esoteric, established, ethical, ethnic, evasive, even-handed, even-tempered, evil, exact, exalted, excellent, exceptional, excessive, excitable, excited, exciting, exclusive, exemplary, exhausted, exhausting, exhilarated, exhilarating, exotic, expectant, expected, expendable, expert, expired, expiring, explicit, exploitative, exploited, explosive, exposed, expressionless, expressive, exquisite, extra-large, extraordinary, extra-small, extravagant, extreme, exuberant, fabulous, fair, faithful, faithless, famished, famous, fantastic, farsighted, fascinated, fascinating, fashionable, fast, fastest, fast-moving, fat, fatherly, fatigued, favorite/favourite, fearful, fearless, feckless, fecund, feeble minded, female, feminine, fertile, fidgety, fierce, fifth, filthy, fine, finicky, first, fit, flamboyant, flashy, flawless, flexible, flirtatious, fluent, focused, foolish, forceful, foreign, forgetful, forgivable, forgiving, forgotten, formal, former, fortunate, forward, fourth, foxy, fractious, fragile, frail, frank, frantic, fraternal, freaky, freckled, free, freezing, friendly, frightened, frightening, frisky, frugal, frumpy, frustrated, frustrating, fulfilled, fully-grown, fuming, fun, fun-loving, funniest, funny, furious, fussy, fuzzy, gabby, gallant, galling, gangly, gargantuan, garrulous, gaudy, gaunt, gawky, general, generic, generous, genial, gentle, genuine, geriatric, ghastly, ghostly, ghoulish, giant, giddy, gifted, gigantic, giggling, gilded, giving, glamorous, gleaming, gleeful, glib, glistening, glittering, gloomy, glorious, glowing, glum, gluttonous, gnarly, god-like, godly, gold-digging, golden, good, good-for-nothing, good-looking, good-natured, goofy, gorgeous, graceful, gracious, grand, grandiose, grateful, grating, great, greatest, greedy, green, gregarious, grieving, grinning, gripping, groaning, groggy, groomed, groovy, gross, grotesque, grouchy, growling, grown-up, grubby, gruesome, gruff, grumbling, grumpy, guarded, guileless, guiltless, guilt-ridden, guilty, gullible, gushing, gushy, gutsy, haggard, hairless, hairy, half-hearted, handsome, handy, haphazard, hapless, happy, happy-go-lucky, hard-working, harmful, harmless, harried, harsh, hasty, hated, hateful, haughty, head, healthy, heart-breaking, heartbroken, heartless, heavy, hefty, helpful, helpless, her, heroic, hesitant, hideous, high, high powered, highest, high-functioning, high-maintenance, high-risk, high-spirited, hilarious, historical, hoggish, holistic, hollow, home, homeless, homely, homeopathic, honest, honorable/honourable, hopeful, hopeless, hormonal, horrendous, horrible, horrid, horrific, horrified, horrifying, hospitable, hostile, hot, hot-blooded, hot-headed, hot-tempered, hubristic, huffy, huge, huggable, hulking, human, humanitarian, humble, humiliated, humiliating, humongous, humorless/humourless, humorous, hungry, hurried, hurt, hurtful, husky, hygienic, hyper-active, hypercritical, hyper-irritable, hypersensitive, hypertensive, hypnotic, hypnotizable, hysterical, ideal, idealistic, idiotic, ignorant, ill, illegal, illegible, illegitimate, ill-equipped, ill-humored/ill-humoured, illiterate, illustrious, imaginative, immanent, immature, immoral, impatient, imperfect, impersonal, implosive, impolite, important, impossible, impoverished, impressionable, impressive, improved, impulsive, impure, inaccessible, inactive, inadequate, inappropriate, inarticulate, inartistic, inattentive, incapable, incoherent, incomparable, incompatible, incompetent, inconsiderate, inconsolable, incorrigible, incorruptible, incredible, indecent, indecisive, independent, indestructible, indifferent, indigenous, indiscreet, indispensable, indisputable, individual, industrious, ineffective, inelegant, ineloquent, infallible, infamous, infatuated, inferior, inflexible, influential, infuriated, infuriating, inhibited, inhospitable, inhuman, injured, innocent, innovative, inquisitive, insane, insecure, insensitive, insightful, insincere, inspirational, inspiring, instinctive, insulting, intellectual, intelligent, interesting, interracial, intimidating, intransigent, intrepid, intrigued, introverted, invaluable, invincible, irate, irksome, irrational, irreplaceable, irresistible, irresponsible, irritable, irritated, irritating, jabbering, jaded, jaundiced, jaunty, jealous, jeering, jinxed, jittery, jobless, jocular, jocund, jolly, jovial, joyful, joyless, joyous, jubilant, judgmental, judicious, jumpy, junior, just, juvenile, keen, key, kind, kind-hearted, kindly, kindred, kingly, kinky, knavish, knightly, knowledgeable, known, lackadaisical, lame, languid, lanky, large, larger, largest, lascivious, last, late, laughable, laughing, lavish, lawful, lawless, lazy, lead, leading, lean, learned, lecherous, leering, left-handed, legendary, legitimate, lenient, less-qualified, lethargic, liberal, licensed, lifeless, light-hearted, likable/likeable, like-minded, lily-livered, limber, limitless, limping, literal, literary, literate, lithe, little, lively, livid, living, loathsome, local, logical, lonely, loose, loquacious, lost, loud, lousy, loutish, lovable, loveable, lovely, loving, low-maintenance, low-ranking, loyal, lucky, luscious, lying, macho, mad, maddening, magical, magnanimous, magnetic, magnificent, maiden, majestic, maladjusted, male, malevolent, malicious, malleable, manageable, managerial, maniacal, manic, manipulative, marketable, married, marvelous/marvellous, masked, massive, master, matchless, materialistic, maternal, mathematical, matronly, mature, mean, meaningful, meaningless, mean-spirited, meat-eating, mechanical, medical, meek, melancholy, mellow, melodramatic, memorable, menacing, mental, merciful, merciless, mercurial, merry, messy, meticulous, middle, middle-class, mighty, militant, militaristic, mincing, mindful, mindless, mirthful, mischievous, miscreant, miserable, miserly, misguided, misleading, mistrustful, mistrusting, moaning, modern, modest, money-grubbing, monotonous, monstrous, moody, moral, moralistic, morbid, moronic, morose, mortal, mortified, motherly, motionless, motivated, motivating, motivational, mournful, muddled, multicultural, multi-talented, mundane, munificent, muscular, musical, mute, mutinous, mysterious, mystic, mystical, mystified, mystifying, mythical, naive, nameless, narcissistic, narrow-minded, nasty, native, natural, naughty, nauseating, near-sighted, neat, needy, nefarious, negative, neglected, neglectful, negligent, neighborly/neighbourly, nervous, neurotic, neutral, new, newest, next, next-door, nice, nifty, nimble, nimble-minded, noble, noisy, non-aggressive, nonchalant, non-committal, non-competitive, nondescript, non-destructive, non-productive, non-responsive, normal, nostalgic, nosy, notable, noticeable, notorious, noxious, numb, nutty, oafish, obedient, obese, objectionable, objective, obliging, oblivious, obnoxious, obscene, obscure, observant, obsessive, obstinate, occupied, odd, odd-looking, odious, offensive, offhanded, officious, okay, old, older, oldest, old-fashioned, ominous, omniscient, omnivorous, one, one-sided, open-hearted, open-minded, opinionated, opportunistic, oppressive, optimistic, opulent, ordinary, original, ornery, orphaned, ostentatious, outgoing, outlandish, outraged, outrageous, outspoken, outstanding, overactive, overaggressive, overambitious, over-assertive, overbearing, overcautious, overconfident, overcritical, overemotional, overenthusiastic, overjoyed, overoptimistic, overpowering, overprotective, overqualified, overrated, oversensitive, overwhelmed, overwhelming, overworked, overwrought, overzealous, pale, pallid, pampered, panicky, paranormal, parasitic, parched, pardonable, parental, parsimonious, particular, partisan, part-time, party, passing, passionate, passive, past, patchy, paternal, paternalistic, pathetic, pathological, patient, patriotic, patronizing, peaceable, peaceful, peculiar, pedantic, pedestrian, peerless, peeved, peevish, penetrating, pensive, perceivable, perceptible, perceptive, perfect, perfumed, perilous, peripheral, perky, permanent, permeable, permissive, pernicious, perpetual, perplexed, perplexing, persevering, persistent, personable, personal, persuasive, pert, perturbed, perturbing, pervasive, perverse, pessimistic, petite, pettish, petty, petulant, phenomenal, philanthropic, philosophical, phobic, photographic, physical, physiological, piercing, pig-headed, pious, piteous, pitiful, pitiless, pivotal, placid, plain, plaintive, plastic, plausible, playful, pleading, pleasant, pleased, pleasing, pleasurable, plentiful, pliable, plodding, plucky, plump, pneumatic, poetic, poignant, pointless, poised, poisonous, polished, polite, political, pompous, ponderous, poor, poorer, poorest, poor-mannered, popular, portly, positive, possessive, posthumous, potent, potential, powerful, powerless, practical, pragmatic, praiseworthy, precious, precise, precocious, predictable, predisposed, predominant, pre-eminent, preferable, preferential, pregnant, prehistoric, prejudiced, premature, preoccupied, prepared, preposterous, present, presentable, presidential, prestigious, presumptive, presumptuous, pretentious, pretty, priceless, prickly, prim, primary, primitive, princely, principal, principled, prissy, private, prize, prized, proactive, probable, problematic, productive, profane, professed, professional, professorial, proficient, profound, profuse, progressive, prolific, prominent, promising, prompt, pronounced, proper, prophetic, proportional, prospective, prosperous, protective, proud, provocative, provoking, prudent, prudential, prying, psychedelic, psychotic, public, puckish, puffy, pugnacious, pumped, punctual, punitive, puny, pure, puritanical, purposeful, purposeless, pushy, pusillanimous, puzzled, puzzling, qualified, quarantined, quarrelsome, queasy, queenly, queer, querulous, questionable, quick, quick-minded, quick-paced, quick-tempered, quick-thinking, quick-witted, quiescent, quiet, quintessential, quirky, quivering, quixotic, quizzical, quotable, racist, rare, rascally, rational, raucous, ravishing, ready, real, reasonable, reassuring, rebel, rebellious, receptive, reckless, recognizable, red-blooded, regal, regular, reigning, relatable, relaxed, relentless, relevant, reliable, religious, remarkable, remorseful, remorseless, representative, repulsive, reputable, resentful, reserved, resident, resilient, resolute, resourceful, respectable, respectful, responsible, responsive, rested, restless, retired, revengeful, rich, richer, richest, ridiculous, right, righteous, right-handed, rigid, romantic, rotund, rough, rowdy, royal, rude, ruthless, sad, saintly, sane, sarcastic, satisfied, scholarly, scientific, secure, seductive, self-absorbed, self-assured, self-centered/self-centred, self-confident, self-interested, selfish, selfless, self-reliant, self-satisfied, sellable, senior, sensational, senseless, sensitive, sentimental, serious, shocked, short, short-tempered, shrewd, sick, silly, simpleminded, sincere, sinful, single, single-minded, skilled, sleeping, sleepy, slender, slick, slim, sly, small, smart, smartest, sneaky, snotty, soaked, sober, sociable, soft-hearted, special, spectacular, speechless, spineless, spirited, spiritless, spiteful, splendid, spoiled, spooky, stable, star-crossed, startled, steaming, sterile, stern, straight, strange, strong, strongest, stubborn, stuck-up, studious, stunned, stunning, stylish, suave, submissive, successful, super, superb, superior, super-sensitive, supreme, suspected, sweet, taciturn, tacky, tactful, tactical, tactless, take-charge, talented, talkative, tall, tame, tan, tanned, tardy, targeted, taut, teachable, tearful, tearing, technical, teenage, telepathic, temperamental, temperate, tempestuous, tempted, ten, tenacious, tender, tender-hearted, tense, terrible, terrific, terrified, testy, tetchy, thankful, thankless, theatrical, theoretical, thick, thin, thirsty, thorough, thoughtful, thoughtless, threatened, threatening, thriftless, thrifty, thrilled, tidy, tight, timeless, timely, timid, tiny, tipsy, tired, tireless, tiresome, tolerable, tolerant, tone-deaf, toneless, toothsome, toothy, tormented, torpid, touched, touchy, tough, towering, traditional, trainable, traitorous, transcendent, transformed, transient, transparent, transplanted, treasured, tremendous, tremulous, trendy, tribal, tricky, triumphant, troubled, troublesome, truculent, true, trusted, trustful, trusting, trustworthy, truthful, tumultuous, tyrannical, ugly, unabashed, unable, unacceptable, unaccountable, unacknowledged, unadventurous, unaffected, unafraid, unaggressive, unapologetic, unappealing, unappreciative, unapproachable, unashamed, unassertive, unattached, unattractive, unavailable, unbalanced, unbearable, unbelievable, unbelieving, unbendable, unbiased, unblemished, unblinking, unblushing, unbreakable, uncaring, uncertain, unchangeable, uncharacteristic, uncharitable, uncivilized, unclean, uncomfortable, uncommitted, uncommunicative, uncompromising, unconcerned, unconditional, unconscionable, unconscious, unconstructive, uncontrollable, unconvincing, uncooperative, uncoordinated, uncouth, uncreative, uncritical, undaunted, undefeated, undependable, underprivileged, underqualified, underrated, understanding, undesirable, undeterred, undeveloped, undiplomatic, undisciplined, undisputed, undoubted, uneducated, unemotional, unemployed, unencumbered, unenthusiastic, unenviable, unerring, unexceptional, unexcited, unexpected, unfailing, unfaithful, unfaltering, unfashionable, unfavorable/unfavourable, unfeeling, unfocused, unforgettable, unforgiving, unfortunate, unfriendly, unfulfilled, ungenerous, ungentlemanly, unglamorous, ungraceful, ungracious, ungrateful, unhandsome, unhappy, unharmed, unhealthy, unhelpful, unilateral, unimaginable, unimaginative, unimpeachable, unimpressive, uninformed, uninitiated, uninjured, uninspired, uninsurable, unintelligent, unintelligible, uninterested, uninvited, unique-, unjust, unkempt, unkind, unlikable, unloved, unlucky, unmanageable, unmanly, unmarketable, unmatched, unmemorable, unmentionable, unmerciful, unmotivated, unnatural, unnoticeable, unopposed, unorthodox, unpersuasive, unperturbed, unpleasant, unpredictable, unpretentious, unprincipled, unproductive, unprofessional, unprovoked, unqualified, unreachable, unrealistic, unreasonable, unreceptive, unrecognizable, unrelenting, unreliable, unremarkable, unrepentant, unresponsive, unrestrained, unromantic, unruffled, unruly, unsafe, unsatisfied, unscientific, unscrupulous, unseemly, unselfish, unsettled, unsightly, unsinkable, unskilled, unsociable, unsophisticated, unsound, unspeakable, unspoiled, unstable, unsteady, unstoppable, unstressed, unsuccessful, unsuitable, unsuited, unsupervised, unsupported, unsure, unsurpassable, unsurpassed, unsuspected, unsuspecting, unsympathetic, untested, untidy, untouchable, untrained, untroubled, untrustworthy, untruthful, unusual, unwary, unwavering, unwholesome, unwilling, unwise, unwitting, unworthy, unyielding, upbeat, uppity, upright, upset, uptight, urbane, useful, useless, vacuous, vagabond, vagrant, vain, valiant, valorous, valuable, vehement, venal, venerable, vengeful, venomous, venturesome, verbose, versed, vibrant, vicious, victorious, vigilant, vigorous, vile, villainous, vindictive, violent, virtuous, visible, visionary, vital, vivacious, vivid, vocal, voiceless, voluptuous, voracious, vulgar, vulnerable, wacky, warm, warm-blooded, warmest, wary, waspish, wasted, watchful, weak, weak-willed, wealthy, wearisome, weary, weird, welcoming, well, well-adjusted, well-aware, well-balanced, well-behaved, well-considered, well-dressed, well-educated, well-endowed, well-groomed, well-heeled, well-honed, well-informed, well-intentioned, well-kempt, well-known, well-liked, well-mannered, well-meaning, well-off, well-prepared, well-qualified, well-read, well-received, well-rounded, well-spoken, well-to-do, well-traveled/well-travelled, well-versed, whimsical, wholehearted, wholesome, wicked, wide-eyed, wild, willful/wilful, willing, wily, winning, winsome, wise, witty, woeful, wolfish, wonderful, wondrous, work-oriented, worn, worn-down, worn-out, worried, worse, worshipful, worst, worth, worthless, worthy, wrathful, wry, xenophobic, yellow, yellow-bellied, yielding, young, young-looking, youthful, yucky, yummy, zany, zealous, zen, zero, zestful, zesty, zippy

What Is This List For?

Use the list above to find:
  • Adjectives that accurately describe the person.
  • Adjectives of a certain length to fit a specific space.
  • Adjectives that start with a specific letter to help with alliteration.
Here are thousands more adjectives grouped by their starting letter:

Learn with Hangman!

Hangman is a classic word game. In this version, the hidden word is always an adjective from this list. (Choose your first letter to start.)
  • Guess the hidden adjective by choosing one letter at a time.
  • If you guess a letter in the hidden adjective, then all is good.
  • If you guess a letter that is not in the hidden adjective, then the hangman starts to build the gallows.
  • If the gallows are completed, you lose.
  • Good luck!
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