Adjectives Beginning with U

Adjectives Starting "U"

Here is a list of 400 adjectives that start with the letter U. The list is sortable, editable, and printable. It can be displayed as normal text or in columns (up to 4). You can even turn the list into American English or British English.

Just for fun, we've added game of hangman, which selects a word from this list as the secret word.

Sortable, Editable, and Printable List

ubiquitous, ugly, ultimate, ultrasonic, ultraviolet, unabashed, unabated, unable, unacceptable, unaccompanied, unaccountable, unaccustomed, unacknowledged, unadorned, unadulterated, unadventurous, unaffected, unaffordable, unafraid, unaggressive, unaided, unalienable, unalterable, unaltered, unambiguous, unanimous, unannounced, unanswerable, unanticipated, unapologetic, unappealing, unappetizing, unappreciative, unapproachable, unashamed, unassailable, unassertive, unassisted, unattached, unattainable, unattractive, unauthorized, unavailable, unavailing, unavoidable, unbalanced, unbearable, unbeatable, unbeaten, unbecoming, unbelievable, unbelieving, unbendable, unbending, unbiased, unblemished, unblinking, unblushing, unbounded, unbreakable, unbridled, uncanny, uncaring, unceasing, unceremonious, uncertain, unchangeable, unchanging, uncharacteristic, uncharitable, uncharted, uncivil, uncivilized, unclassified, unclean, uncluttered, uncomfortable, uncommitted, uncommon, uncommunicative, uncomplaining, uncomprehending, uncompromising, unconcerned, unconditional, unconfirmed, unconquerable, unconscionable, unconscious, unconstitutional, unconstrained, unconstructive, uncontainable, uncontrollable, unconventional, unconvinced, unconvincing, uncooked, uncooperative, uncoordinated, uncouth, uncovered, uncreative, uncritical, undamaged, undated, undaunted, undeclared, undefeated, undefined, undemocratic, undeniable, undependable, undercooked, underdeveloped, underfunded, underhanded, underprivileged, underqualified, underrated, understandable, understanding, understated, understood, undeserved, undesirable, undetected, undeterred, undeveloped, undeviating, undifferentiated, undignified, undiminished, undiplomatic, undisciplined, undiscovered, undisguised, undisputed, undistinguished, undivided, undoubted, unearthly, uneasy, uneducated, unemotional, unemployed, unencumbered, unending, unendurable, unenforceable, unenthusiastic, unenviable, unequal, unequivocal, unerring, uneven, uneventful, unexceptional, unexcited, unexpected, unexplainable, unexplored, unfailing, unfair, unfaithful, unfaltering, unfamiliar, unfashionable, unfathomable, unfavorable/unfavourable, unfeeling, unfettered, unfilled, unflagging, unflappable, unflattering, unflinching, unfocused, unforeseeable, unforgettable, unforgivable, unforgiving, unfortunate, unfriendly, unfulfilled, ungallant, ungenerous, ungentlemanly, unglamorous, ungraceful, ungracious, ungrateful, unguarded, unhandsome, unhappy, unharmed, unhealthy, unheated, unheeded, unhelpful, unhesitating, unhurried, uniform, unilateral, unimaginable, unimaginative, unimpeachable, unimpeded, unimpressive, unincorporated, uninformed, uninhabitable, uninhibited, uninitiated, uninjured, uninspired, uninsurable, unintelligent, unintelligible, unintended, unintentional, uninterested, uninterrupted, uninvited, unique, united, universal, unjust, unjustifiable, unkempt, unkind, unknowing, unknown, unlawful, unlicensed, unlikable/unlikeable, unlikely, unloved, unlucky, unmanageable, unmanly, unmanned, unmarketable, unmasked, unmatched, unmemorable, unmentionable, unmerciful, unmistakable, unmitigated, unmodified, unmotivated, unnatural, unnecessary, unnerved, unnerving, unnoticeable, unobserved, unobtainable, unobtrusive, unofficial, unopened, unopposed, unorthodox, unpalatable, unpardonable, unpersuasive, unperturbed, unplanned, unpleasant, unprecedented, unpredictable, unpretentious, unprincipled, unproductive, unprofessional, unprofitable, unpromising, unpronounceable, unprovoked, unqualified, unquantifiable, unquenchable, unquestionable, unquestioned, unquestioning, unraveled/unravelled, unreachable, unreadable, unrealistic, unrealized, unreasonable, unreceptive, unrecognizable, unrecognized, unredeemable, unregulated, unrelenting, unreliable, unremarkable, unremitting, unrepentant, unrepresentative, unrepresented, unreserved, unresponsive, unrestrained, unripe, unrivalled/unrivalled, unromantic, unruffled, unruly, unsafe, unsatisfactory, unsatisfied, unscheduled, unscientific, unscrupulous, unseasonable, unseemly, unselfish, unsettled, unsettling, unshakable, unsightly, unsigned, unsinkable, unskilled, unsociable, unsolicited, unsolvable, unsolved, unsophisticated, unsound, unsparing, unspeakable, unspoiled, unstable, unstated, unsteady, unstoppable, unstressed, unstructured, unsubstantial, unsubstantiated, unsuccessful, unsuitable, unsuited, unsupervised, unsupported, unsure, unsurpassable, unsurpassed, unsurprising, unsuspected, unsuspecting, unsustainable, unsympathetic, unsystematic, untainted, untamable/untameable, untamed, untapped, untenable, untested, unthinkable, unthinking, untidy, untimely, untitled, untouchable, untraditional, untrained, untried, untroubled, untrustworthy, untruthful, unused, unusual, unverified, unwary, unwashed, unwatchable, unwavering, unwholesome, unwieldy, unwilling, unwise, unwitting, unworkable, unworldly, unworthy, unwritten, unyielding, upbeat, upmost, upper, uppity, upright, uproarious, upset, upsetting, upstairs, uptight, up-to-date, up-to-the-minute, upward, urbane, urgent, usable, used, useful, useless, usual, utilitarian, utopian, utter, uttermost

Why Do I Need This List?

A list of adjectives that start with the same letter is useful for creating alliteration. (Alliteration is a stylistic technique in which nearby words repeat the same initial consonant sound.)
  • I'm an undiscovered, untapped, underused force!
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