Adjectives Beginning with Q

Adjectives Starting "Q"

Here is a list of 30 adjectives that start with the letter Q. You can use this list to help you find the exact word you're looking for in terms of its meaning or its length.

Table of Contents

  • Positive Adjectives Beginning with "Q"
  • Negative Adjectives Beginning with "Q"
  • The Full List (Sortable, Audible, Editable, and Printable)
  • Why Do I Need This List?
  • Learn with Hangman!

Positive Adjectives Beginning with "Q"

  • Quick-witted: Mentally sharp and able to think and respond rapidly.
    Example: Mark is a quick-witted individual who always has a clever response.
  • Quiet: Calm and composed, often showing thoughtfulness and introspection.
    Example: Janet's quiet demeanor hides a depth of wisdom and insight.
  • Quirky: Unconventional and unique in a charming or interesting way.
    Example: Emily's quirky personality adds a touch of fun to every gathering.
  • Qualified: Possessing the necessary skills, knowledge, or qualifications for a particular task or role.
    Example: Alex is a highly qualified professional with extensive experience in the field.
  • Quaint: Attractively unusual or old-fashioned, often with a pleasing charm.
    Example: Ashley's quaint cottage in the countryside is a delightful place to visit.

Negative Adjectives Beginning with "Q"

  • Quarrelsome: Prone to starting or engaging in arguments or disagreements.
    Example: Ashley's quarrelsome nature created constant tension and conflict within the group.
  • Quick-tempered: Easily provoked to anger or irritability, often reacting impulsively or aggressively.
    Example: Emily's quick-tempered nature led to frequent outbursts and conflicts.

The Full List (Sortable, Audible, Editable, and Printable)

This list of 30 adjectives is sortable, audible, editable, and printable. It can be displayed as normal text or in columns (up to 4).

In this list, all the spellings are the same in American English and British English. That's why the "remove US" and "remove UK" buttons have been deactivated.
quaint, quaky, qualified, qualitative, quality, quantifiable, quantitative, quarantined, quarrelsome, queasy, queenly, queer, querulous, questionable, quick, quick-acting, quick-drying, quickest, quick-minded, quick-paced, quick-tempered, quick-thinking, quick-witted, quiescent, quiet, quintessential, quirky, quivering, quixotic, quizzical, quotable, quotidian

Why Do I Need This List?

A list of adjectives that start with the same letter is useful for creating alliteration. (Alliteration is a stylistic technique in which nearby words repeat the same initial consonant sound.)
  • Quick-witted and quarrelsome is bad combination.

Learn with Hangman!

Hangman is a classic word game. In this version, the hidden word is always an adjective from this list. Choose your first letter to start. (I'd go for "Q" if I were you.)
  • Guess the hidden adjective by choosing one letter at a time.
  • If you guess a letter in the hidden adjective, then all is good.
  • If you guess a letter that is not in the hidden adjective, then the hangman starts to build the gallows.
  • If the gallows are completed, you lose.
  • Good luck!
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