Adjectives Beginning with M

Adjectives Starting "M"

Here is a list of 350 adjectives that start with the letter M. You can use this list to help you find the exact word you're looking for in terms of its meaning or its length.

Table of Contents

  • Positive Adjectives Beginning with "M"
  • Negative Adjectives Beginning with "M"
  • The Full List (Sortable, Audible, Editable, and Printable)
  • Why Do I Need This List?
  • Learn with Hangman!

Positive Adjectives Beginning with "M"

  • Motivated: Driven and enthusiastic to achieve goals.
    Example: Mark is a motivated individual who consistently goes the extra mile.
  • Modest: Humble and unassuming about one's abilities or achievements.
    Example: Sarah is a modest leader who gives credit to her team for their accomplishments.
  • Mindful: Present and aware of one's thoughts, feelings, and surroundings.
    Example: Emily is mindful of the end-game, which helps her stay focused and grounded.
  • Magnanimous: Generous and forgiving towards others.
    Example: Alex showed a magnanimous gesture by forgiving his friend's mistake.
  • Mature: Having a developed and responsible mindset.
    Example: Mark has always been mature for his age, handling challenges with wisdom.
  • Magnificent: Remarkable and grand in appearance or character.
    Example: Mark delivered a magnificent speech that left the audience in awe.
  • Motivating: Inspiring and encouraging others to take action or pursue their goals.
    Example: Janet's motivating words inspired her team to push through challenges and achieve success.
  • Meticulous: Diligent and thorough in attention to detail.
    Example: Sarah is a meticulous planner who leaves no room for errors.

Negative Adjectives Beginning with "M"

  • Manipulative: Skilled at influencing or controlling others for personal gain.
    Example: Ashley's manipulative behavior deceived and exploited those around him.
  • Malicious: Intending or showing a desire to harm or cause suffering to others.
    Example: Janet's malicious actions caused significant damage to her relationships.
  • Moody: Having unpredictable or fluctuating moods, often leading to sudden changes in behavior.
    Example: Emily's moody nature made it difficult for others to know how to interact with her.
  • Miserly: Excessively stingy or unwilling to spend money or resources.
    Example: Jonathan's miserly attitude prevented him from enjoying life and sharing with others.
  • Meddlesome: Intrusively interfering in the affairs or concerns of others.
    Example: Ashley's meddlesome behavior caused unnecessary conflicts and tensions.
  • Malcontent: Dissatisfied and rebellious, often expressing discontent or unhappiness.
    Example: Janet's malcontent attitude made it difficult to create a positive work environment.
  • Morose: Sullen, gloomy, and generally showing a sad or depressed disposition.
    Example: Emily's morose outlook affected her interactions with others and her overall demeanor.
  • Miserable: Unhappy, suffering, or in a state of extreme unhappiness or discomfort.
    Example: Jonathan's miserable attitude brought down the mood of those around him.
  • Maladroit: Clumsy, awkward, or lacking skill or dexterity in one's actions.
    Example: Ashley's maladroit movements often led to accidents and mishaps.

The Full List (Sortable, Audible, Editable, and Printable)

This list of 350 adjectives is sortable, audible, editable, and printable. It can be displayed as normal text or in columns (up to 4). You can even turn the list into American English or British English.
macho, mad, maddening, magenta, magic, magical, magnanimous, magnetic, magnificent, maiden, main, maintainable, majestic, major, make-believe, makeshift, maladjusted, male, malevolent, malicious, malignant, malleable, mammoth, mammoth-sized, manageable, managerial, mandatory, maneuverable/manoeuvrable, mangy, maniacal, manic, manicured, manipulative, man-made, mannered, manual, many, marbled, marginal, marked, marketable, married, marvelous/marvellous, masked, massive, master, masterful, matchless, material, materialistic, maternal, mathematical, matted, mature, maximum, meager/meagre, mean, meandering, meaningful, meaningless, mean-spirited, measly, measurable, meat-eating, meaty, mechanical, medical, medicinal, meditative, medium, medium-rare, meek, melancholy, mellow, melodic, melodious, melodramatic, melted, memorable, menacing, menial, mental, merciful, merciless, mercurial, mere, merry, messy, metabolic, metallic, metaphoric, meteoric, meticulous, microscopic, microwaveable, middle, middle-class, midweek, mighty, mild, militant, militaristic, military, milky, mincing, mind-bending, mindful, mindless, mini, miniature, minimal, minimum, minor, minute, miraculous, mirthful, miscellaneous, mischievous, miscreant, miserable, miserly, misguided, misleading, mistaken, mistrustful, mistrusting, misty, mixed, mnemonic, moaning, mobile, mocking, moderate, modern, modest, modified, modular, moist, moldy/mouldy, momentary, momentous, monetary, money-grabbing, monopolistic, monosyllabic, monotone, monotonous, monstrous, monumental, moody, moral, moralistic, morbid, mordant, more, moronic, morose, mortal, mortified, most, motherly, motionless, motivated, motivating, motivational, motor, mountainous, mournful, mouthwatering, movable, moving, much, muddled, muddy, muffled, muggy, multi-talented, multicultural, multifaceted, multi-purpose, mumbled, mundane, municipal, munificent, murky, muscular, mushy, musical, musky, musty, mute, muted, mutinous, muttering, mutual, my, myopic, mysterious, mystic, mystical, mystified, mystifying, mythical

Why Do I Need This List?

A list of adjectives that start with the same letter is useful for creating alliteration. (Alliteration is a stylistic technique in which nearby words repeat the same initial consonant sound.)
  • He described your ideas as muddled and meaningless, but I found them multifaceted even monumental.

Learn with Hangman!

Hangman is a classic word game. In this version, the hidden word is always an adjective from this list. Choose your first letter to start. (I'd go for "M" if I were you.)
  • Guess the hidden adjective by choosing one letter at a time.
  • If you guess a letter in the hidden adjective, then all is good.
  • If you guess a letter that is not in the hidden adjective, then the hangman starts to build the gallows.
  • If the gallows are completed, you lose.
  • Good luck!
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