Too and to - too meaning as well

The Quick Answer
Too means as well or also. For example: I can do it too.

Too Meaning Also or As Well

Occasionally, there is confusion over the words too and to. The word too has two uses. The one covered on this page is the use of too meaning as well or also.

All the uses of too and to are shown in the lesson the difference between to and too.

  • I have been there too.
  • (I have been there as well. / I have also been there.)
  • Can she take one too?
  • (Can she take one as well? / Can she also take one?)
  • The gods too are fond of a joke. (Aristotle, 384-322 BC)
  • (The gods as well are fond of a joke. / The gods also are fond of a joke.)

This is wrong – should be too
(advice offered in a newspaper)

Summary of To and Too

This infographic summarises the different uses of to and too:

Here's an example with them all in:
  • He wrote "Life is too short to drink cheap beer" on the wall and then drove to the tattoo artist, who wrote it on his back too.
In this example, we have:

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