the difference between fewer and less

The Quick Answer
Use less when referring to a single item.
Use fewer when referring to more than one item.

Using Fewer and Less

Writers often misuse the words less and fewer. The word less should be used for a single item (e.g., less time). Fewer should be used when there is more than one item (e.g., fewer mice).

  • There is less cheese on this plate.
  • cheese – singular)
  • There are fewer pieces of cheese on this plate.
  • (pieces – plural)
  • There are less pigeons in Trafalgar Square than there used to be.
  • In the future, there will be less coins in circulation.
  • Fewer people will vote in the forthcoming elections.  

Together we're using less bags
(should be fewer bags)

Less napkins. More plants.
(should be fewer napkins)

...fewer carrier bags

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