What Is a Euphemism? (with Examples)

What Is a Euphemism? (with Examples)

A euphemism is the use of agreeable or inoffensive words to replace rude or offensive ones.

A euphemism is a figure of speech and an example of figurative language.

Examples of Euphemisms

Here are some examples of common euphemisms:
  • He has passed away.
  • (Euphemism for He has died.)
  • He is between jobs.
  • (Euphemism for He is unemployed.)
  • He has resigned his commission.
  • (Euphemism for He has been sacked.)
  • He is a little thin on top.
  • (Euphemism for He is losing his hair.)

More Examples of Common Euphemisms

Here are some more commonly used euphemisms:

a few sandwiches short of a picnicmad
cognitively challengedstupid
didn't make ithas died
differently ableddisabled
exotic dancerstripper
kicked the buckethas died
knocked upis pregnant
letting you goyou're fired
lost his marblesmad
over the hilltoo old to function effectively
visually challengedvisually impaired

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