Tattoo Fail (Your You're)

by Craig Shrives

Tattoo Fail (Your You're)

The tattoo below ("I could conquer the world with one hand as long as your holding the other.") fails because:
  • your should be you're

Read more about you're and your.

Seriousness of the Mistake (Summary)

This tattoo scores 9/15 as a tattoo fail. (See below.)

Seriousness of the Mistake (Detail)

How bad is the grammar or spelling?
1: It is not considered a mistake by everyone.
2: It is a technical mistake.
3: It is a basic mistake.
Grade: 3
How obvious is the bad grammar or spelling?
1: It will be spotted by pedants only.
2: Most people will know it's a mistake.
3: Virtually everyone will know it's a mistake.
Grade: 2
How visible is the tattoo?
1: It will be hidden most of the time.
2: It can be hidden easily.
3: It will be hard to keep hidden.
Grade: 1
How easily could the tattoo be corrected?
1: It could be corrected easily without any obvious signs of the edit.
2: It could be corrected but the edit would be noticeable.
3: It cannot be corrected without removal.
Grade: 2
What is the quality of the tattoo?
1: It is high quality.
2: It is fair quality.
3: It is low quality.
Grade: 1

Don't Mess It Up!

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