Lasagna or Lasagne?

Is the Spelling "Lasagna" or "Lasagne"?

We all know that we're talking about a cheesy Italian casserole made with sheets of pasta, but is the spelling "lasagna" or "lasagne"?

The Quick Answer

  • The American spelling is lasagna.
  • The UK spelling is lasagne.
lasagna (US) and lasagne (UK)


In Italian, the word "lasagna" is a singular word. It refers to one sheet of pasta. Even though the dish uses several lasagna sheets, Americans tend to use "lasagna" (as opposed to the plural "lasagne"). Using the singular name for a pasta dish is unusual. For example:
  • "Spaghetti" is the plural of "spaghetto."
  • "Ravioli" is the plural of "raviolo."
  • "Tagliatelle" is the plural of "tagliatella."
  • "Maccheroni" (aslo macaroni) is the plural of "maccherone."
The singular form is not used for any of these dishes, making "lasagna" the exception.


The word "lasagne" is the plural of "lasagna." As "lasagne" refers to several lasagna sheets, it is the most logical spelling for the dish, which uses more than one sheet. This spelling also aligns with the plural terms used for all the other pasta dishes. "Lasagne" is the version used outside the US. Of note, Americans are increasingly using "lasagne."

The Plural of Lasagna

In America, "lasagnas" is an acceptable plural for "lasagna," but most Americans treat it as a non-countable noun and do not pluralize it all.
  • I have an order for two lasagnas. correct tick
  • I have an order for two lasagna. correct tick
  • (Both versions are acceptable in the US.)
The word "lasagne" is not pluralized.
  • I have an order for two lasagnes. wrong cross
  • I have an order for two lasagne. correct tick
  • ("Two lasagne" would be acceptable in the US too.)
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