Getaway or Get Away?

What Is the Difference between "Getaway" and "Get Away"?

"Getaway" and "get away" are easy to confuse because they sound identical (i.e., they are perfect homonyms). However, they have different meanings. So, that space is important! They are not interchangeable.
  • "Getaway" means "a location for respite" or "an escape."
    • It has been a busy week. We are going to a seaside getaway for the weekend. correct tick
    • That was a classy getaway from the headlock. correct tick
  • "Get away" means "to escape" or "unbelievable!"
    • Do not attempt to get away. correct tick
    • Get away! You haven't won the lottery, have you? correct tick
getaway or get away?

More about "Getaway"

The noun "getaway" has two meanings:

(1) A location visited to escape daily routine.

  • Alison is going to a little getaway in the hills for a week. correct tick
  • This is my little getaway. I come here every Friday night. correct tick

(2) An escape.

  • The robbers made their getaway in a silver Ford truck. correct tick
  • Fingers, you can be the getaway driver. correct tick
  • ("Getaway" is an adjective in this example.)

More about "Get Away"

"Get away" has two meanings:

(1) To escape or to keep away.

  • Tonight, the prisoners will attempt to get away. correct tick
  • (get away = to escape)
  • Get away from my apples, you pesky kids. correct tick
  • (get away = keep away)
In these examples, "get away" is a verb.

(2) Never or unbelievable.

  • Is that true? Get away. correct tick
  • (Get away = never or unbelievable)
  • Get away, a 12-pound bass? Are you sure it was Lee who caught it? correct tick
  • (Get away = never or unbelievable)
In these examples, "get away" is an interjection.
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