Alot, A Lot, or Allot?

Should I write "alot" or "a lot"?

The Quick Answer


The word "alot" is a spelling mistake. It is always wrong.
  • I know alot of decent singers. wrong cross

A Lot

(noun or adverb) "a large amount or number (noun)" or "to a great extent (adverb)"
  • I have a lot of toys. correct tick (noun)
  • Jack and Jill seem to argue a lot. correct tick (adverb)
alot, a lot, or allot?
"Alot" and "a lot" are often misused by writers. "Alot" is a misspelling of "a lot" (unless you mean the town of Alot in India). "A lot" means "a large extent" or "to a large extent." For example:
  • I have seen alot of things in my life. wrong cross
  • I have seen a lot of things in my life. correct tick
Bear in mind there is also "to allot." The verb "to allot" means "to share out," "to allocate," or "to apportion." For example:
  • We allot one Sherpa to each climbing team. correct tick

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  • Examples in Sentences
  • A Lot
  • To Allot
  • Alot
  • "Choose the Correct One" Test
  • British English and American English
  • A Video Summary
  • Test Time!

Alot in India

There is a town in India called "Alot." As it's a name, it's always written with a capital letter. The word "alot" with a lowercase "a" does not exist in English.

Examples in Sentences

A Lot

"A lot" is the opposite of a little. When used as a noun, "a lot" means "a large extent," "a large amount," or "a large number." As an adverb, "a lot" means "to a great extent" or "to a great degree."

Examples of "a lot" in sentences:
  • Mark has a lot of toys. correct tick
  • ("Lot" is a noun in this example.)
  • He cheats a lot. correct tick
  • ("A lot" is an adverb in this example.)

To Allot

The verb "to allot" means to give out, to apportion, to divide, or to distribute. (Other forms of the verb are "allots," "allotted," and "allotting.")

Examples of "allot" in sentences:
  • The peasant was allotted just 25m2 to grow his pumpkins. correct tick
  • I will allot a radio to each group. correct tick
  • You need to allot each syndicate sufficient time to question the presenter. correct tick


The word "alot" does not exist. It is often mistakenly written instead of "a lot." For example:
  • I know alot about precious stones. wrong cross
  • I know a lot about precious stones. correct tick

British English and American English

The spelling of "a lot" has nothing to do with the differences between British English and American English. It is two words in both versions.
  • I know alot of things. wrong cross (small British flag) wrong cross (small American flag)
  • I know a lot of things. wrong cross (small British flag) wrong cross (small American flag)

A Video Summary

Here is a short video summarizing the difference between "alot," "a lot," and "allot." video lesson

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