Aid or Aide?

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Aid or Aide?

What is the difference between "aid" and "aide"?

  • "Aid" means "help" or "assistance."
  • "To aid" means "to help" or "to assist."
  • "An aide" is a "helper" or an "assistant." (In other words, "an aide" is a person.)
aid or aide difference

(Note: "Aid" and "aide" are homonyms, i.e., pronounced the same but with different meanings.)

A Video Summary

Here is a short video summarizing the difference between "aid" and "aide."


The word "aid" means "help" or "assistance." It is commonly seen as an adjective, a noun, or a verb. (As a verb, it means "to help" or "to assist.")

  • Be bold and mighty powers will come to your aid. (Canadian writer Basil King)
  • I have known sorrow and learned to aid the wretched.   (Roman poet Virgil)


The noun "aide" means "a helper" or "an assistant." "An aide" is a person.

  • General McChrystal and his aides told the unvarnished truth.
  • The Libyan leader caused a scene at the African Heads of State Summit in Munyonyo when he slapped one of his aides for taking him to a wrong venue.

Common Terms with "Aid" and "Aide"

Common terms with the word "aid":
  • Aid and abet
  • Band Aid
  • to come to (someone's) aid
  • in aid of
Common terms with the word "aide":
  • Aide memoire
  • aide-de-camp
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