Apart or A Part?

The Quick Answer
What is the difference between a part and apart?
  • Apart means besides or seperately. It is an adverb.
  • Part in the phrase a part means a piece or segment.

Apart and A Part

There is often confusion over a part and apart. Although they sound exactly the same, the two have very different meanings.


Apart is an adverb meaning separated by a specified distance in time or space. For example:
  • Apart from the wind, it’s quite pleasant outside.
  • Without hope, the very fabric of our society will fall apart. (Theo Paphitis)

A Part

Part means a piece or segment of something. Part often appears in the phrase a part. For example:
  • Until you have loved an animal, a part of your soul remains unawakened. (Anatole France)
  • You simply have to accept that your demons are a part of you. (Aurora)
The article a can be dropped when part is not followed by an adjective.
  • Rumours are part of show business.
  • Rumours are a huge part of show business.
  • (The article a is necessary when it is followed by an adjective.)
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