Collective Noun for Hippopotamuses

What Is a Group of Hippopotamuses Called?

A group of hippopotamuses is called a bloat.
Collective NounUsage
bloata bloat of hippopotamuses
collective noun for hippopotamuses

bloat of hippopotamuses

What Type of Word is "Bloat"?

The word "bloat" is a collective noun. A collective noun is a word used to represent a group of people, animals, or things.

"Bloat Is" or "Bloat Are"?

Writers are often unsure whether to treat a collective noun like "bloat" as singular or plural. As a general rule, you should treat a collective noun as singular. However, if the context of your sentence focuses on the individuals within the group, you should treat it as plural. For example:
  • The bloat is moving nearer. correct tick
  • The bloat are moving in different directions. correct tick
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