Paper Free Learning

Use Less Paper with Grammar Monster

Here are four ways we support paper-free learning:

(1) Send a test electronically as an attachment. If you want to share one of our tests, you can download it as a Word document with just one click. The test can then be sent electronically as an attachment.

(2) Send a test electronically as a link. The vast majority of our tests can be edited and sent as a link over any messaging app (e.g., WhatsApp, Google Classroom, Messenger, email). Students click on the link, take the test, and then return their answers on the messaging app for marking.

(3) Use PowerPoint. With two clicks, a test can be automatically converted into a PowerPoint presentation, allowing for a quick, in-class, confirmatory test.

(4) Share a lesson electronically. All of our pages have copy and share links at the bottom, allowing the entire page to be sent quickly via email or messaging app.

Reduce Handout Size

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We understand that printed copies are sometimes required, but we can still help you save paper!

Edit and reformat the test before printing. The vast majority of our tests can be edited and even displayed over two columns, reducing the number of sheets required for a handout.

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This page was written by Craig Shrives.