Using #GM To Find Us Quicker

How #GM Works

We've put #GM in the header of every page. (You probably clicked on it to get here.)

When using a search engine like Google, if you add #GM to your search term, there's a far better chance of Grammar Monster being your first hit! (Of course, other grammar websites are available...but none as good as ours.)

For example:
using #gm to search Grammar Monster

We're Getting There...

This is a new idea. It was launched on 22 April 2022. It will take time for the search engines' spider bots to index #GM for our pages, but let's see how it goes!

One Day...

We hope that, one day, you will be able to find our site using #gm and Google's "I Feel Lucky" button, which immediately serves the top site for your search.
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This page was written by Craig Shrives.