"vox populi" (Latin)

What does the Latin term vox populi mean?

The Latin phrase "vox populi" translates to "the voice of the people" in English. It refers to the collective opinion or sentiment of the general public. "Vox populi" is often used to highlight the significance of public opinion in various contexts, such as politics, social issues, or popular culture.

Examples in Sentences

Here are three example sentences showcasing the usage of "vox populi":
  • In a democracy, it is crucial for leaders to pay attention to the vox populi and address the concerns of the people.
  • The decision to change the company's logo was met with backlash from customers, indicating that the vox populi was against the rebranding.
  • The film's success at the box office was a clear reflection of the positive reception and support from the vox populi.
In these examples, the Latin term "vox populi" emphasizes the importance of public opinion and highlights its impact on decision-making, whether in politics, business, or entertainment. It suggests that the voice and sentiment of the people hold significant weight and influence in shaping outcomes.
vox populi (meaning)

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