"sub judice" (Latin)

What does the Latin term sub judice mean?

The Latin term "sub judice" translates to "under judgment" or "under judicial consideration" in English. It is used to indicate that a matter or case is currently being heard or deliberated upon by a court of law. "Sub judice" suggests that the issue is still pending a final decision or resolution and should not be discussed or prejudged outside of the legal proceedings.

Examples in Sentences

Here are three example sentences showcasing the usage of "sub judice":
  • Due to ongoing legal proceedings, the media was advised not to report on the case to avoid influencing public opinion while it was still sub judice.
  • The lawyer cautioned the client against making public statements about the case as it could be considered contempt of court while the matter was sub judice.
  • The judge reminded the jury to refrain from conducting independent research or discussing the case with others to maintain the integrity of the sub judice proceedings.
In these examples, the Latin term "sub judice" indicates that the matter is currently before a court, emphasizing the need for caution and restraint in discussing or forming opinions about the case until a final judgment is reached. It highlights the importance of preserving the impartiality and fairness of legal proceedings.
sub judice (meaning)

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