"quo vadis?" (Latin)

What does the Latin term quo vadis? mean?

"Quo vadis?" is a Latin phrase that translates to "where are you going?" in English. It is derived from a biblical story where Peter, one of Jesus' disciples, encounters Jesus while fleeing from Rome. Peter asks Jesus "Quo vadis?" as he is surprised to see him. The phrase has come to represent a reflection on one's direction or purpose in life.

Examples in Sentences

Here are three example sentences:
  • As she reached a crossroads in her career, she found herself pondering "Quo vadis?" – where is she truly heading and what path should she take?
  • The company's leadership team held a strategic planning session to discuss "Quo vadis?" and determine the future direction and goals of the organization.
  • Amidst the uncertainties of the world, individuals often ask themselves "Quo vadis?" to reassess their values, priorities, and aspirations.
quo vadis? (meaning)

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