"quaestio juris" (Latin)

What does the Latin term quaestio juris mean?

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"Quaestio juris" is a Latin phrase that translates to "question of law" in English. It is a legal term used to refer to a legal issue or matter that pertains to the interpretation, application, or determination of a point of law. It focuses on the legal principles, rules, and doctrines that are relevant to a particular case or situation.

Examples in Sentences

Here are three example sentences:
  • The court will examine the quaestio juris before making a ruling on the admissibility of the evidence in accordance with the applicable legal standards.
  • The lawyer raised a quaestio juris during the trial, arguing that the statute in question violated the constitutional rights of the defendant.
  • Before addressing the specific facts of the case, the judge requested the parties to present their arguments on the quaestio juris to determine the legal framework within which the dispute should be resolved.
quaestio juris (meaning)

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