"quaestio disputata" (Latin)

What does the Latin term quaestio disputata mean?

"Quaestio disputata" is a Latin term that can be translated as "disputed question" in English. It is a philosophical and theological term used to refer to a question or issue that is the subject of debate, discussion, or argumentation among scholars or experts. It often involves complex and nuanced topics that elicit different perspectives and interpretations.

Examples in Sentences

Here are three example sentences:
  • The concept of free will has long been a quaestio disputata among philosophers and theologians, with various schools of thought presenting contrasting viewpoints.
  • The nature of consciousness remains a quaestio disputata in the field of cognitive science, with researchers exploring different theories and hypotheses to explain its origin and mechanisms.
  • During the academic conference, scholars engaged in a rigorous debate over the quaestiones disputatae related to the ethical implications of artificial intelligence and its impact on human autonomy.
quaestio disputata (meaning)

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