"pari passu" (Latin)

What does the Latin term pari passu mean?

The Latin term "pari passu" translates to "with equal step" or "on an equal footing" in English. It is commonly used to indicate that two or more parties or entities are treated equally or share the same rights and privileges.

Examples in Sentences

Here are three example sentences using "pari passu":
  • All creditors will be repaid pari passu, meaning they will be treated equally and receive an equal proportion of the available funds.
  • Shareholders' dividends will be distributed pari passu based on their ownership percentage, ensuring fairness and equal treatment among investors.
  • The two companies entered into a joint venture, agreeing to share profits and losses pari passu, demonstrating their equal participation and shared responsibilities.
In these sentences, the Latin term "pari passu" emphasizes that the parties involved are being treated equally and without preference or discrimination. It signifies a fair and equitable distribution of rights, obligations, or benefits among multiple entities or individuals.
pari passu (meaning)

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