"nolens volens" (Latin)

by Craig Shrives

What does the Latin term nolens volens mean?

"Nolens volens" is a Latin phrase that translates to "willing or unwilling" or "whether one wishes or not." It is used to express the idea that something will happen or be true regardless of one's desires, preferences, or intentions. "Nolens volens" indicates that a particular outcome or situation is inevitable or unavoidable, irrespective of one's willingness or unwillingness to accept it. It implies that the matter at hand will occur regardless of personal wishes or objections.

Examples in Sentences

Here are three example sentences demonstrating the usage of "nolens volens":
  • He had to attend the meeting, nolens volens, as his presence was required by his superiors.
  • Despite her reservations, she realized that she had to accept the decision, nolens volens, as it was beyond her control.
  • The company was forced to adapt to the changing market conditions, nolens volens, in order to survive in the industry.
nolens volens (meaning)

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