"modus vivendi" (Latin)

What does the Latin term modus vivendi mean?

The Latin term "modus vivendi" translates to "a way of living" or "mode of life" in English. It refers to an arrangement or agreement between parties to coexist or interact in a specific manner, allowing for peaceful coexistence despite differences or conflicts of interest.

Examples in Sentences

Here are three example sentences using "modus vivendi":
  • In the midst of political tensions, the neighboring countries reached a modus vivendi to maintain diplomatic relations and promote economic cooperation.
  • The roommates established a modus vivendi regarding household chores, ensuring a fair distribution of responsibilities and a harmonious living environment.
  • The labor union and management negotiated a modus vivendi that balanced the interests of workers and the financial stability of the company.
In these sentences, the Latin term "modus vivendi" represents a practical agreement or arrangement that allows parties with different interests or perspectives to coexist or collaborate peacefully. It often involves finding compromises or establishing guidelines for cooperation in order to maintain stability and resolve conflicts. Regenerate response
modus vivendi (meaning)

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