"ibidem (ibid.)" (Latin)

What does the Latin term ibidem (ibid.) mean?

"Ibidem" is a Latin term that means "in the same place." It is commonly abbreviated as "ibid." and is used in citations to refer to the same source that was previously mentioned. It is often used in academic and scholarly writing to avoid repetition of the full citation.

Examples in Sentences

Here are three example sentences using the term "ibidem":
  • In the bibliography, the book title is followed by "ibid." to indicate that the source is the same as the one listed in the previous citation.
  • The footnote references the author's name and page number, and subsequent citations from the same work simply state "ibid." to indicate the same source.
  • After citing the article title and page number, the subsequent footnote uses "ibid." to indicate that the reference comes from the same article as the previous citation.
ibidem (ibid.) (meaning)

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