Look Cover Write Check

Teach New Words Using the Look-Cover-Write-Check Method

The "Look-Cover-Write-Check" game is a simple yet effective game to help learners (especially young learners) improve their spelling and vocabulary. The game has four steps:
  • Look. The student sees the word.
  • Cover. The word is hidden.
  • Write. The student copies the word.
  • Check. The student's attempt is checked.
This simple, four-step game is a close match of the EDIP teaching method (Explain, Demonstrate, Imitate, Practice). It is a highly effective way to reinforce correct spelling and improve word retention.

Teachers do not need an interactive, online version of this game to pass on its benefits to learners. It can be played with just a pen, paper, and a list of words.

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This version can be played using your own words, and you can even send your own version as a link for students to play at home.

Look, Cover, Write, Check

  • When a word appears, remember it.
  • When the word disappears, spell the word, then press


  • If you are right, the monster will eat it. If you are wrong, the monster will reject it.
  • Your job is to feed the monster with correctly spelled words. Good luck!
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Create Your Own Version of This Test

You can create your own words for this game!

Send Your Own Version of This Test

Here is a link that opens a game with the words currently in play. If you enter your own words above, this link will work for your words. You can send the link to your students by email or messaging app, or you can post the link on a website.