Apostrophe Placement Game

Apostrophe Placement ("Tetris" Game)

Here is an interactive game to help you learn the apostrophe-placement rules.
  • Each falling question has a correct possessive apostrophe and a wrong one.
  • Click on the correct one to score points and to make the question disappear.
  • If you click on the wrong one (or do not click), the question will fall to the bottom.
  • The wrongly answered or unanswered questions will start to build up.
  • When the screen is full, you're toast.
  • (The harder the level, the more points you score per correct answer.)
  • Good luck!
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A Video Summary

Here is a video summarizing how to use apostrophes. video lesson

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More Tests on Apostrophes

Here are five more tests related to apostrophe placement:
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This page was written by Craig Shrives.