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Here are 10 important terms when talking about the weather in English:











Conversation 1

In this conversation, Paul is planning where to eat his lunch.

It's a sunny day. We should eat our lunch outside.

Is it sunny now? It was overcast and windy this morning.

That's English weather for you!

You get every season in one hour. If it's still sunny at lunch, let's eat on the terrace.


Conversation 2

In this conversation, Charlotte and George compare the weather in different countries.

How is the weather in your country?

It's always hot and sunny. The temperatures are much higher than here.

That must be nice!

It's much too hot to do anything. Luckily, there's air conditioning.

What do you think about the weather here?

I'm still getting used to the cold temperatures.

I think there will be a rainstorm later this evening.

Again? It was raining last night! When will there be a heatwave?

There's one next week.

I look forward to it.

Conversation 3

In this conversation, John and Lisa talk about the snow.

It's going to snow tomorrow!

That's wonderful. I've never seen snow in real life before.

Doesn't it snow in your country?

No, it's too hot in the South Pacific to see any snow fall.

Are you excited for the snow?

Yes! How long will it last?

I think it's going to last for a few days.

Do you have appropriate clothing for the snow?

What do I need?

A hat, a scarf, and maybe some gloves!

I'll make sure I'm prepared.

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