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Punctuation Lessons on Grammar Monster

Below is a list of our punctuation lessons.


The main lesson on using apostrophes

Lessons about apostrophes with a focus on:

Apostrophes for possession
Apostrophe placement rules
Apostrophe after s
Apostrophe after z
Apostrophe before s
Apostrophes for awkward plurals
Apostrophes after acronyms and abbreviations
Apostrophes in contractions
Apostrophes in expressions like 2 years' pay and a day's notice
Apostrophes used incorrectly for plurals
Apostrophe exercises
Apostrophes in names
Apostrophe misuse
Apostrophes in contractions

Other pages relating to apostrophes:

Apostrophe help
Overview of apostrophes
Apostrophes for ownership

Brackets and Parentheses

The main lesson on using brackets

Lessons about brackets with a focus on:

Square brackets
Round brackets
Brackets and punctuation placement
Choice of parenthetical punctuation


The main lesson on using commas

Lessons about commas with a focus on:

Commas with Dear, Hello, and Hi
Commas after a dependent clause
Commas after words like however and consequently
Commas after interjections
Commas before words like and, or, and but
Commas for parenthesis
Commas in lists
The comma run-on error
The Oxford Comma
Commas with long subjects
Commas in numbers
Commas with quotation marks
Commas with direct address
Commas and however


The main lesson on using colons

Lessons about colons with a focus on:

Colons before long quotations
Colons with bullet points
Colons for introductions
Colons in references
Colons to expand on something previously mentioned in a sentence
Colons before lists
Colons versus semicolons
Capital letters after colons


The main lesson on using hyphens

Lessons about hyphens with a focus on:

Hyphens in prefixes
Hyphens in compound nouns
Hyphens in compound adjectives
Alternatives to hyphens in compound adjectives
Hyphens between numbers
Hyphens between words
Hyphens in ages


The main lesson on using dashes

Lessons about dashes with a focus on:

Dashes between dates
Hyphens versus dashes
Dashes as parenthetical punctuation


The main lesson on using semicolons

Lessons about semicolons with a focus on:

Semicolons for a smoother break than a full stop /period
Semicolons in lists
Semicolons before words like however and consequently
Semicolons before words like and, or, and but

Quotation Marks

The main lesson on using quotation marks

Lessons about quotation marks with a focus on:

Quotation marks within quotation marks
Quotations marks for the names of ships, plays, etc.
Quotation marks and punctuation placement
Quotation marks meaning alleged or so-called
Quotation marks and ellipsis
Quotations marks and punctuation before a quote
Quotation marks with multiple paragraphs

Overviews of Punctuation from the Glossary of Grammatical Terms

The main overview of punctuation

Other overviews from the glossary:

Overview of apostrophes
Overview of brackets
Overview of colons
Overview of commas
Overview of dashes
Overview of ellipsis
Overview of exclamation marks
Overview of hyphens
Overview of the question mark
Overview of quotation marks
Overview of full stops / periods

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