Adjectives Beginning with Y

Adjectives Starting "Y"

Here is a list of 20 adjectives that start with the letter Y. You can use this list to help you find the exact word you're looking for in terms of its meaning or its length.

Table of Contents

  • Positive Adjectives Beginning with "Y"
  • Negative Adjectives Beginning with "Y"
  • The Full List (Sortable, Audible, Editable, and Printable)
  • Why Do I Need This List?
  • Learn with Hangman!

Positive Adjectives Beginning with "Y"

  • Young-at-heart: Having a youthful and lively outlook on life, regardless of age.
    Example: Mark is young-at-heart and enjoys adventurous activities like hiking and dancing.
  • Yearning: Eager and desiring for something deeply.
    Example: Sarah has a yearning to explore new cultures and travel the world.
  • Yielding (Positive Context): Flexible and willing to compromise.
    Example: Emily is yielding in negotiations, seeking win-win solutions for all parties involved.

Negative Adjectives Beginning with "Y"

  • Yielding (Negative Context): Easily giving in to the demands or wishes of others, lacking assertiveness.
    Example: Ashley's yielding nature made it difficult for him to stand up for himself.
  • Yappy: Constantly chattering or making loud, annoying sounds.
    Example: Janet's yappy behavior disrupted the peace and quiet of the office.

The Full List (Sortable, Audible, Editable, and Printable)

This list of 20 adjectives is sortable, audible, editable, and printable. It can be displayed as normal text or in columns (up to 4). (All the words in this list have the same spellings in American English and British English, so the language buttons are inactive.)
yappy, yearling, year-long, yearly, yearning, yeasty, yellow, yellow-bellied, yellowish, yelping, yielding, yogic, young, younger, youngest, youngish, young-looking, youthful, yucky, yummy

Why Do I Need This List?

A list of adjectives that start with the same letter is useful for creating alliteration. (Alliteration is a stylistic technique in which nearby words repeat the same initial consonant sound.)
  • Tina was yearning to try the yellow, yeasty mix.
  • ("Yearning" is part of the alliterative string. It is not highlighted because this page is about adjectives.)

Learn with Hangman!

Hangman is a classic word game. In this version, the hidden word is always an adjective from this list. Choose your first letter to start. (I'd go for "Y" if I were you.)
  • Guess the hidden adjective by choosing one letter at a time.
  • If you guess a letter in the hidden adjective, then all is good.
  • If you guess a letter that is not in the hidden adjective, then the hangman starts to build the gallows.
  • If the gallows are completed, you lose.
  • Good luck!
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