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Too and to - preposition

The Quick Answer
To is used in expressions like to the park, to the postman, agree to a proposal. (The word to in these examples is a preposition.)

To As a Preposition

There is sometimes confusion over the words to and too. The word to has two uses. The one covered on this page is its use as a preposition.

All the uses of too and to are shown in the lesson the difference between to and too.

The use of to as a preposition is extremely common. Trying to use too as a preposition is serious grammar mistake.

  • Alan gave the box to me.
  • (To shows the relationship between the words gave, box, and me.)

  • Please return the slips to the secretary.
  • They should send all of them too the moon.
  • Is that the diamond you gave too your cousin?

Summary of To and Too

This infographic summarises the different uses of to and too:

Top Tip


The word to is a preposition. Prepositions show the relationship between at least two words in a sentence.

  • He agreed to the proposal.
  • (To shows the relationship between agreed and proposal.)
  • David ran to the park.
  • (To shows the relationship between ran and park.)

Words like on, in and by are also prepositions. There are lots of others. (See lesson Prepositions.)