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Capital Letters in Adverts

The Quick Answer
There comes a time when the need to be effective trumps grammar rulings. Therefore, have the confidence to use capital letters in adverts as required.

Capital Letters in Adverts

Capital letters attract the eye; therefore, it is acceptable to use them in advertisements and signs as required.

  • We offer independent Mortgage Advice.
  • (There is no grammatical reason for the M on Mortgage or the A on Advice. This is only acceptable in an advert.)
  • Eat our Doughnuts and get Thinner!
  • (D and T only acceptable in an advert)
  • Simply the Best Pies in town
  • (B and P only acceptable in an advert)
  • Kids Eat FREE
  • (E and FREE only acceptable in an advert)

Capital M acceptable
(newspaper advertisement)

Beware! Grammar Mistakes Can Be Costly

A third of those questioned said they would not do business with companies using poor spelling or grammar. (In the US, lost revenue through bad writing is estimated at over $200 billion a year. In the UK, the Royal Mail states that poor written correspondence costs business 40 billion a year in lost sales.)

Therefore, there is a balance to be struck. From a grammatical perspective, a capital letter on a common noun is wrong. Therefore, it has the potential to scare off your customers. However, it will make a word more prominent in your advert, and this could make your advert more effective. When it comes to writing adverts, you have to let your instinct rule.