Is "Agenda" Singular or Plural?

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The Quick Answer
Treat "agenda" as singular. The plural form is "agendas."
agenda is or agenda are? (singular or plural?)
(This image from Google's Ngram Viewer shows agenda is racing ahead of "agenda are.")

Is "Agenda" Singular or Plural?

The word "agenda" derives from Latin. It is the plural of the word "agendum." However, nowadays, "agenda" is not treated as a plural word.

Over time, the word "agenda" has shed all signs of its plural past. In modern English, it is treated as a singular word with the plural form "agendas." (The word "agenda" means "a list of items of business to be considered or addressed." Just like the word "list," it ought to be treated as singular.)

Example Sentences with "Agenda" and "Agendas"

Here are some examples of "agenda" being used as a singular noun and "agendas" being used as its plural form.
  • The agenda is on the second page.
  • All the agendas are displayed on the screen.
  • My father taught me how to be a man — and not by instilling in me a sense of machismo or an agenda of dominance. He taught me that a real man doesn't take, he gives; he doesn't use force, he uses logic; doesn’t play the role of trouble-maker, but rather, trouble-shooter; and most importantly, a real man is defined by what's in his heart, not his pants. (Filmmaker Kevin Smith).
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