AD (Anno Domini), BC (Before Christ), BCE and CE

With years, AD is written before the year, and BC is written afterwards.

AD and BC

The abbreviation AD (Anno Domini) denotes of the Christian Era and should be written before the year. The abbreviation BC (Before Christ) should be written after the year. 

  • AD 2001
  • 487 BC
  • Caesar reigned from 63 BC to AD 14.

should be AD 2000
(comic title)

(brick building)

should be AD 71 and AD 109
(magazine article)

BCE (Before Common Era) equates to the time before Christ (BC). CE (Common Era) equates to the time after the birth of Christ (AD). They are often used to cater to religious diversity. Both are written after the date.
  • 2001 CE
  • 487 BCE

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