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Typos and grammar mistakes can ruin your credibility. A decent grammar checker can be a good way to spot your mistakes before you press that "Send" button.

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Advanced Grammar Checker
The most powerful grammar checker on the market.

Multi-lingual Dictionary and Full-text Translator
Translate full texts from any application in one click.

Accurate Spell Checker and Thesaurus
Contextual spelling and an up–to–date word pool.

Error Explanations
Clear explanations of recommendations.

Intelligent Style Checker
Writing style enhancement for professional results.

Works with All Writing Apps
If you can write in it, WhiteSmoke can check it.

At last, a modern solution

Mastery of English grammar and punctuation can take years.  Luckily, there is a modern solution to fix and enhance your writing for you: WhiteSmoke.

Be confident your writing is hitting the mark

WhiteSmoke checks your grammar like a professional proof-reader and enhances your writing by offering alternative business-style constructions and vocabulary. It is highly intuitive to use.

Bring in the egg heads

Your money buys you an exceptional application, which is the creation of a team of world-leading programmers and first-class grammarians.

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