What Are Colloquialisms? (with Examples)

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What Are Colloquialisms? (with Examples)

A colloquialism is a familiar expression used mostly in informal speech. A colloquialism is usually acceptable in everyday conversation but not in formal writing.

Often, a colloquialism will mean something other than its literal meaning, making it an idiom.

Examples of Colloquialisms

Here are some examples of colloquialisms:
  • Wad
  • (a lot of money)
  • Coke
  • (cocaine)
  • The old geezer had a shooter pointing at me.
  • (The old man had a gun pointing at me.)
  • I wasn't born yesterday.
  • (I'm not gullible.)
    (This is an idiom. The words mean something other than their literal meaning.)
  • Snout
  • (tobacco)
    (This is an idiom. The word means something other than its literal meaning. Snout means nose. It almost certainly derives from the days when tobacco (known as snuff) was snorted through the nose.)

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