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Tattoo Fail (Misspelling)

Tattoo Fail (Misspelling)

The tattoo below ("Vinni Viddi Vicci") fails because:
  • It should read veni vidi vici

  • Seriousness of the Mistake (Summary)

    This tattoo scores 12/15 as a tattoo fail. (See below.)

    Seriousness of the Mistake (Detail)

    How bad is the grammar or spelling?
    1: It is not considered a mistake by everyone.
    2: It is a technical mistake.
    3: It is a basic mistake.
    Grade: 3
    How obvious is bad grammar or spelling?
    1: It will be spotted by pedants only.
    2: Most people will know it's a mistake.
    3: Virtually everyone will know it's a mistake.
    Grade: 3
    How visible is the tattoo?
    1: It will be hidden most of the time.
    2: It can be hidden easily.
    3: It will be hard to keep hidden.
    Grade: 1
    How easily could the tattoo be corrected?
    1: It could be corrected easily without any obvious signs of the edit.
    2: It could be corrected but the edit would be noticeable.
    3: It cannot be corrected without removal.
    Grade: 3
    What is the quality of the tattoo?
    1: It is high quality.
    2: It is fair quality.
    3: It is low quality.
    Grade: 2
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